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We will make a Custom made website e Commerce website for your business. We will build a fully automated shopping cart that will allow you to sell any products or services on your website with out the need for an expensive merchant account. You can choose to be paid with paypal or google checkout for every items sold thru your website. We will add up to 10 different products or services for sale into your store, we will also show you how you can easily add new items or remove items you no longer want to sell with just 3 clicks of your mouse. We will build your website so that future updates of content, adding additional pages, photos ect. can be done with OUT having to incur any additional cost to update the website when ever your business requires.

Your website can be setup with just about any option you need, below is a list of some of the more popular options requested by our past clients that would be available to your website if you need:

– shopping cart to sell your own products or services. Get paid directly via paypal and other payment processors

– automatic language translator

– Built in Forum allowing users to chat about topics related to your business

– ability to add images and change the websites color and layout instantly

– ability to have a members only area with automated re-billing thru paypal and other payment processors

– Built in blog for your website with user comments

– Ratings and Reviews system where you can add ANY products or service and allow your users to rate them out of 5 stars.

– Live chat allows customers to instant message you anytime you are online for immediate sales or support inquires. There is a one time $20 tolive session with you directly from your website.


We will build your website using wordpress and comes with lifetime security updates, this will ensure your website is always up to date with the latest security features to keep competitors/hackers away. New updates are released generally every month, you can update to the newest version from your website’s admin area with just 1 click of your mouse and you will be notified automatically upon new update being available. You will also be able to edit or update your website securely and with ease anytime from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. If you want to see a sample of look and feel of the admin area your website would come
with just let us know.

These are just a few of the options we can add to your website, contact us with your idea and we can make it happen with you’re satisfaction 100% guaranteed!



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