I will Custom build A Real Estate Buy and Sell Website

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We will custom build a real estate buy and sell website for you starting at just $69.96. Your real estate classified ads website will be localized to any region you want, for example the website can be setup to only allow ads for a certain city (or even certain neighbourhoods) allowing you to focus on the local area of your choice plus as you expand you can easily begin to offer the service to larger areas as need be. We will also setup any listings packages that you want to offer to sellers, by default we have 4 packages  as shown below:

Basic Plan:
This plan allows users to sign up and post 1 free ad. The plan is intended for people looking to sell their home on their own. 
This is an excellent way to get buyers and sellers coming to your website regularly.

Real Estate Agent Plan 1:
This plan allows users to post up to 10 ads per year. The plan is intended for low volume real estate agents.

Real Estate Agent Plan 2:
This plan allows users to post up to 50 ads per year. The plan is intended for medium volume real estate agents.

Real Estate Agent Plan 3:
This plan allows users to post up to 500 ads per year. The plan is intended for high volume real estate agents.

We will change the plans for you as you see fit including prices, # of ads, package names ect. We can also add unlimited additional plans should you need more.

Your website can be setup with just about any option you need, below is a list of some of the more popular options requested by our past clients that would be available to your website if you need:

– Language Translator

– Built in Forum allowing users to chat about any topics you approve.

– ability to add images and change the websites color and layout instantly

– Built in blog for your website with user comments

– Ratings and Reviews system where you can add ANY products or service and allow your users to rate them out of 5 stars.


We will build your website using wordpress and comes with lifetime security updates, this will ensure your website is always up to date with the latest security features to keep competitors/hackers away. New updates are released generally every month, you can update to the newest version from your website’s admin area with just 1 click of your mouse and you will be notified automatically upon new update being available. You will also be able to edit or update your website securely and with ease anytime from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. If you want to see a sample of look and feel of the admin area your website would come
with just let us know.

These are just a few of the options we can add to your website, contact us with your idea and we can make it happen with you’re satisfaction 100% guaranteed!

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